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Special Projects

Upper Canada Ventures can provide a wide array of financial assistance to growing clients who have neither the time nor expertise to take care of them properly or in a timely fashion. Examples might be:

  • You don’t know your financial situation, and a full financial review would be helpful;
  • You are having some issues with cash flow or financing growth;
  • You don’t know which numbers are important to track for your business, let alone how to track them;
  • You want someone with business knowledge to help you make and execute on decisions when you need them;

The list doesn’t stop there, and you may not have time to fit any of these in to your day. Even if you do, you may not be expert at doing them, or perhaps don’t even know where to start. UCVI can take any such projects on a quoted and agreed on fixed-fee per project or fixed time/rate billing basis.

Examples of UCV’s assistance include:

Strategic Planning and Financing Assistance

A communications software company, which had built its product, retained Upper Canada Ventures to assist with its strategic planning, go-to-market strategy, and financing plan. This included advice and direct support of the company in building its team, preparing for a financing, and putting together an associated business plan.

Business Plan Preparation

Organizing and completing business plans, including document preparation and revision as needed. For example, a growing software-as-a-service business retained Upper Canada Ventures to assist with a consolidation/roll-up strategy and preparation of a business plan for an upcoming financing. The company’s CFO was actively involved but with a very tight timeframe and many other key issues requiring his attention, third party assistance was sought to best leverage company resources.

Strategic Analysis

A professional services firm that had received an inbound acquisition offer retained Upper Canada Ventures to review the relative merits and potential financial outcomes of selling the business in the short term versus growing further and seeking liquidity later. Several options and alternatives were reviewed during the course of deciding the ultimate path selected.

Term Sheet Review, Advisory Assistance, and Negotiation

A financial services firm that was negotiating a potential acquisition with an international buyer retained Upper Canada Ventures to work with a retained M&A agent to assist with significant scenario analysis and strategy planning. As a result, the business completed a successful merger at an attractively improved price.

Valuation Review and Assistance

Financial oriented valuation work for a variety of situations (from quick-and-dirty reviews to more in-depth analyses). For example, a technology services firm preparing itself for an expected upcoming liquidity event retained Upper Canada Ventures to provide a third-party review of valuation.

Working Capital Assistance

Assistance to companies undergoing a financing while in a working capital crunch or otherwise needing working capital improvements (including cash flow planning, stakeholder discussions, and direct negotiation with creditors of the company).

Financial Analysis and Modeling

A variety of financial analysis to help review and provide insight into a business or particular situation, including building financial models for a business (from very simple to very complex), for use in scenario analysis, understanding of the business, business planning, budgeting, or other purposes.

Fundraising Support

A wide variety of associated activities, ranging from advice on fundraising alternatives and approaches; preparation of associated business plans, fundraising documents, powerpoint presentations, and financial models; analysis of funding sources; review of term sheets; negotiation support; and financial assistance throughout the process. UCV is not an exempt market dealer and does not act as fundraising agent for clients.

Business Assistance

Acting as a project/contract senior financial resource to a company (e.g. assisting in credit discussions/negotiations, creditor review, funding strategy, integration work, etc.).  This may include review of business situations and due diligence work on potential investments or acquisitions, including acquisition plans and strategies and advice of term sheets and negotiation matters (either as an acquiror or as an acquiree).

Prior clients include:

expresso capitalExpresso Capital

Espresso provides Canada’s tech ecosystem with innovative funding alternatives by offering fast, fairly priced and user friendly risk capital.

XPV Capital CorporationXPV Capital Corporation

XPV’s vision is “making a difference in water”. XPV is working to make a demonstrable and positive impact in how the world views, values, and manages water.

North West GeomaticsNorthwest Geomatics

North West Geomatics is a company specializing in digital remote sensing, digital aerial photography, LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) and related services in North America and the international market. Since 1968, NWG has provided fast, efficient service in all phases of aerial photography including project planning, photo acquisition, processing and quality control for innumerable projects, from complex to extremely technical, around the world.