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Contract CFO Services

Upper Canada Ventures can be retained to provide contract CFO services to Canadian Startups and Small Businesses. Clients have included a variety of privately held businesses, including a water technology equipment manufacturer, a fabless semiconductor communications firm, and a web services software company.

When should a startup or a small business owner engage a CFO? If you lack financial expertise, aren’t comfortable with your knowledge of the business’ financial position, or want access to experience-based results-oriented advice and services when it’s needed at an affordable cost then you may wish to consider engaging a part time CFO. The size and complexity of the business and its needs will dictate the nature of the engagement, whether on a project, or an ongoing part-time basis.

Previous clients include:


More than talk. Iotum is building the next generation of meeting-based communication, collaboration, and conversation.

PerasoPeraso Technologies Inc.

Peraso is a fabless semiconductor company specializing in the development of 60 GHz wireless chip sets. Peraso is committed to providing leadership for the wireless industry in markets such as portable WiFi and small cell backhaul.

Evandtecevandtec Inc.

Acquired by Newterra
A clean technology company and a pioneer in environmentally sustainable water technologies. evandtec’s water conditioning equipment systems, calcite precipitators, and electronic monitoring systems replace traditional chemical treatment for commercial, institutional and industrial markets, including office buildings, hotels, hospitals, educational institutions, government buildings, municipal water systems as well as retail, food, beverage and manufacturing facilities.